A product that will appreciate a few households. The plastic windows save your costs and you will be satisfied with their features.

Surely you are accustomed to the opening of wooden windows only in the only way, and there was no ventilation in the apartment without having to be almost wide open. The plastic windows offer several opening positions. The first is the overall opening of the window, you can further open it only for ventilation ventilation or just a mini ventilation, when the window is almost closed, but still there is an air exchange. If you decide to buy them, you will surely appreciate the possibility of a colorful design. You don't have to have windows in only the white and most used color, depending on what shade you choose.
Dimensions of the windows are determined by yourself

Last but not least, the plastic windows have the advantage of defining their dimensions. It does not matter if your previous windows were larger or vice versa, you can determine what windows you wish. If you are not sure, we will gladly advise you on what dimension is most appropriate in your case.