You've always dreamed of Volkswagen. But then you were tempted to offer one autobazaru. You bought an old second-hand and hoped you'd be well served for many years. You also attach your decision to your youthful indiscretion. You just didn't have enough experience. Fortunately, however, the brother who borrowed your money for the new car saved you and you immediately returned to Autobazaru. The whole was crummy.
You must return to used immediately while there is still time
You've searched for a lot of interesting information on Volkswagen. All vehicles from this brand will praise you. That's why you decided to buy one car from this brand. But you didn't have enough money for a new cart, so you went to Autobazaru and bought a lot of old used, but it was in a very bad condition. The owner did not care for his car at all. Fortunately, you've revealed everything in time and the car you returned. Finally, you borrowed money for a new car and you don't regret anything.