Plastic Oknaare The most common and most purchased product of this time. Hardly any panel or brick apartment house has windows from another material. The plastic windows are the cheapest, but they are not equally quality. It is necessary to make a proper selection of the company, where we leave it.
Plastic windows Save energy costs, keep cold in summer and heat in winter. The most often used are double-glazed, then triple-glazing, which is even better and more economical. Equally important is the soundproofing, the windows of plastic will reduce the noise coming from the surroundings. For very busy places-eg. Near the train station, frequented roads, etc. Noise-reducing foil is recommended.
Steady colors
It is also necessary to think about the color fastness. Here it is on the spot to say that the most ideal are plastic windows in white color. You won't fade. However, the décor of the wood is rather suited to such a family house, we choose a quality plastic material, it also decides on the constancy of color.